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SWIM BIKE RUN - Multi Sport Coaching
Do3 Coaching - Swim Bike Run
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Do3 MultiSport Coaching - Swim Bike Run


Do3 Coaching Run Training Sessions

At Do3 our aim is to prepare athletes so that they can arrive on race-day fully armed with the skills needed to have a great race. The run element of a triathlon is very often when an athletes race is either won or lost. Being in control and able to hold pace during the run leg is vital for a successful outcome.

Run like a Triathlete! - Very often triathletes and duathletes have a break down in running style during the latter stages of a race - How many triathletes have you seen still flicking their heels and lifting their knees after 2hrs of running?! During Do3 run sessions you will be coached to run in way that is efficient, effective and allows you to HOLD PACE until the end of the race. In line with our coaching methodologies, we will train you to run in a low-impact, sustainable way which will see you ticking over to the line nicely and keep you free'er from injuries as you progress through your training. 

No Drills, No Frills! - Time is precious so we spend it wisely with you doing what you are there for - to run! For the reasons mentioned above, we don't spend half of the session doing run drills. The reality for most age-groupers is that doing 20 minutes of run drills a couple of times a month is a worthless use of time and if anything increases injury risk. Instead, we carry out a thorough warm-up before running athlete-specific paced intervals - quality use of your quality time. 

Everyone is Different! - There is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach at Do3. All athletes are different and have different wants and needs from a training session. We will work with you to ensure you are training at the appropriate pace for what you are looking to achieve in forthcoming races. At the start of each track session athletes are given their individual session goals so there is no doubt what the objective is. Across the weeks and months sessions are progressive and develop you as you move towards your race goals. 

Do3 MultiSport Coaching - Swim Bike Run

Who are these sessions aimed at?

These are adult sessions and aimed at those who are looking to improve their triathlon and duathlon performances. Provided you can run for around 5 minutes without stopping you should be absolutely fine! We have a wide range of abilities attending from newbie through to elite/pro level. 


What kit do you need?

  1. A decent pair of proper running shoes (no spikes)
  2. A watch with a lap timer (not vital at first)
  3. Suitable run clothing - It can get cold so bring layers
  4. A drink


Squad or Club?

Do3 is not a club and is not designed to replace any existing local clubs or club sessions. Our squad sessions are for those who wish to improve or supplement their existing level of training. Having said that, being a member of a limited-numbers squad will make you feel part of a team and with that will come motivation and camaraderie :)


The Venue

Do3 MultiSport Coaching - Swim Bike Run

The Cost?

Run squad cost £5 per session or £47.50 if you purchase a block of 10 runs. 

Additional Squad Benefits

In addition to receiving great quality coaching and swim sessions, all squad members are entitled to a range of discounts from our brand partners. Click Here to take a look at the current list.

Session Availability and Booking

There are two ways to book. These are:

Fitness management software